Press Release – Jan 23, 2013

Chucklefish and Robit Studios have announced their collaborative development ofTreasure Adventure World (TAW), an HD remake of Robit’s freeware hit Treasure Adventure Game (TAG). In December 2011 Robit Studios released TAG, its first full-length 2D platform/adventure game, for Windows. Its retro aesthetic, large open world, and varied gameplay garnered praise and attention from gamers and gaming media alike.

  • Nathan Grayson of said of TAG, “Treasure Adventure Game… made me swoon, sigh, squeal, and emit many other sounds completely unbefitting a man of my status (namely, I have a beard).”
  • Charles Battersby of called TAG “…a nostalgic trip for gamers who enjoyed the classics that inspired this game as well as those who are just looking for quality design and execution.”
  • awarded TAG with the Best Indie Adventure Game of 2011.


Now, Robit Studios has teamed up with Chucklefish (Starbound, Wanderlust: Rebirth) to reimagine the world of Treasure Adventure Game with enhanced graphics, a smoother engine, more treasures, new puzzles and more. The result is Treasure Adventure World, a labor of love that will delight fans of classic gaming, adventure games and platformers as well as those who appreciate beautiful hand-drawn 2D art, or a story filled with mysteries, ancient demons and parrots.

The teaser trailer to coincide with this announcement has been released for viewing:

Treasure Adventure World
 will be enhanced in a number of significant ways. Here are a few highlights:

  • New engine – smoother gameplay, HD widescreen mode
  • High-res, hand-drawn art – Christine Crossley is the sole artist bringing the pixelated world of TAG into the beautiful world of HD
  • New music and sound by Robert Ellis
  • More treasures and collectibles, remixed puzzles and new equipment
  • Improvements to enemy AI, more intense boss fights.
  • Enhanced story – more tightly focused story, intriguing cutscenes, charming NPCs and new multiple endings


Release date, platforms and pricing will be announced at a later date. Follow the developers on social media to stay updated on the progress of the game:


Robit Studios (Stephen Orlando):

Twitter: @robitstudios 

Christine Crossley (artist):
Twitter: @fetalstar


Robert Ellis (sound/music):
Twitter: @beta_red