Pre-Order – Indie Producer Tier 6

Thank you for choosing to pre-order Treasure Adventure World and supporting our team and we continue to develop the game.


Included in this Tier:

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  1. Pre-Order of Treasure Adventure World (Windows PC, DRM free upon release AND Steam-Key)
  2. Access to Monthly Chat Sessions with the developers
  3. Exclusive Wallpaper Pack (created by our friends and fans exclusively for this pre-order)
  4. Access to Music Blog continuously updated with new music
  5. Digital Download of the Original TAG Soundtrack (immediately)
  6. Digital Download of the New TAW Soundtrack (when available)
  7. Access to Private Blog, continuously updated with new concept art & animations, level design sketches, music & sound demos
  8. Name in Credits as “Special Contributor”
  9. Signed Original Sketch from the developer: used in the creation of TAG and/or TAW
  10. Your likeness in the game as an Interactive Animated NPC
  11. Your Name in Credits as “Producer”
  12. Personal Call from developer Stephen Orlando thanking you for your contribution