Stretch-Goal 1: Full-Length Remixed Soundtrack

soundtrack_achievedGoal Achieved!

Originally, the full-length soundtrack was going to be a part of the $50,000 level stretch-goal. But, Robert Ellis, our musician has been rocking it (literally). He’s already produced a number of brand new tracks, and the remixes have been moving along faster than we initially thought. So, we can guarantee that there’s going to be a full-length remixed soundtrack in the game.  We’ll also provide the player the option of playing the game with the original soundtrack or the new one.

If you pre-order at the $15 level you’ll get a download of both the original soundtrack (immediately), and the new full-length remixed soundtrack, when it’s available.

  1. oh boi,i can’t wait to buy this game

  2. I’m very interested in your project

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