Treasure Adventure World – Update 9/30


Here’s a quick update on what’s happening with Treasure Adventure World this week.

First of all, we’ve updated the public blog ( twice this week. We talk about how we’re implementing TVs and how we’re redesigned the inventory menus.

If you haven’t already heard, we’re going to be releasing a demo of the game shortly. We’re currently working on polishing up a couple of our favourite parts of the game. We’re looking forward to you all being able to check out game and get your feedback.


Pre-Order Reward Updates:

For ALL backers: This Saturday at 9PM EST we will be hosting the first private chat session. We’ll be on IRC for a couple of hours to answer any questions, take suggestions or just chat about whatever. Hope you’ll join us!

For TIER 2+ backers: You can now access a private Tumblr blog where we will be posting streaming versions of the new soundtrack music. We will keep populating this blog until the soundtrack is done and fully mixed. You’ll then be able to download the entire soundtrack.

For TIER 3+ backers: We are continuing to update the private Dev Blog. This week we posted some small demo builds used in the creation of some of the critters in the game (dolphins, scorpions, butterflies, etc).

All the information on how to access the chat/blog (including passwords) are on your Humble Bundle account download page.

BTW, If you are interested in upgrading your tier, just contact me here: We’ll work something out.


I’ll be in touch when I have more news!

Your friend, Stephen

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