What is Treasure Adventure World?

Treasure Adventure World is a epic open-world adventure – classic gameplay with a modern hand-drawn 2D style. Sail to faraway islands, searching for ancient artifacts that were once used to fight an evil demon. Upgrade your sail-boat and find gear to enhance your treasure-hunting and fighting potential. Along the way, discover clues and solve puzzles to reclaim your forgotten past and uncover the mysterious origins of your archipelagic world.

It’s also a remake (more of a re-imagining, really) of a freeware game called Treasure Adventure Game released in 2011 by us! If you want to see what the game-play of TAW will be like you can go download and play TAG for free, now!


What Is Treasure Adventure Game?

Treasure Adventure Game (TAG) is the predecessor to TAW. It’s very similar in game-play and story, but with retro-inspired pixel graphics. I developed TAG while learning many of the basics of game-play and programming and, as such, it has it’s share of bugs and flaws. Luckily, I now have to opportunity to fix my mistakes with the new remake.

Oh yeah, and it’s free to download and play, check it out!


Can I post LPs or other videos on YouTube and monetize them?

Robit Games hereby grants permission for the use of in-game audio & video for “Let’s Play”, “Preview”, “Review” and/or “Commentary”-style videos on Youtube, including ad-supported channels/videos. The creator of the video may use in-game audio & video for as many videos as desired.

Please include a link to http://treasureadventureworld.com/ OR any online store selling the title involved. Specific permission is required for any soundtrack use outside of captured gameplay.


Who is developing the game?

Read about our team here.

Chucklefish Games are publishing TAW and helping us with distribution and marketing.


When will it be released?

Soon :)


What platforms will it be available for?

The initial release of the game will be available for Windows PC. Based upon the how well the release goes, we will look into porting it to other formats.


Does it have gamepad support?

Yes, the game supports game-pads, keyboard and/or mouse.


Where can I buy it and how much?

The game will cost $9.99 with a deluxe bundle (with digital soundtrack and art book) for $14.99. It will be available through all major online distributors (Steam, GOG, itch.io, Humble Bundle, etc).


What are the system requirements?

They should be roughly:

Windows Vista or above
Video card – pixel shader 2.0 and directX 9 compatible

Due to the game still being in development these requirements could change (but not by much).


What language is it being coded in?

TAW is not being coded in a traditional language, per se. Rather, we’re using Construct Classic, a free DirectX 9 game creator for Windows. It’s completely open-source and utilizes a visual, event-based editor. It’s an amazing tool for anyone who wants to develop 2D games on a budget.


I found a bug and/or have a suggestion?

To facilitate us in keeping track of bugs and suggestions for improvement we put together this form. Please fill it out with as much detail as possible. Thanks!

TAW Bug Tracking Form


How can I contact the developers?

Your best bet is to contact us on our twitters:

If you’re not into the twitters, then use our contact form.

 — Stephen Orlando