New Demo Now Available!

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New TAW Demo Now Available


We’ve Updated The Demo

As we continue to build the world of TAW we’ve made many improvements to the game in general. We’ve come to realize that our first public demo looked very outdated and we want potential new fans get the best experience possible when playing the game. This new demo includes four overworld islands to explore, caves, temples, hidden secrets, side quests and a major boss fight.

Download the Demo on now!


Do you have questions? Hopefully we have answers!

Does the demo contain spoilers?
Yes… sort of. The demo is fairly close to how the first few hours of the final game will play.  There are some minor plot points in this demo that could be considered spoilers (but nothing major).

Can I stream, LP or blog about this demo?
Yes! You have permission for the use of in-game audio & video for “Let’s Play”, “Preview”, and/or “Commentary”-style videos, including ad-supported channels/videos.

We request that you provide a link back to our website: Specific permission is required for any soundtrack use outside of captured gameplay.

I found a bug/have a suggestion! What do I do?
You can report bugs using our Bug Tracking Form
You can send suggestions by replying to this email or using our contact form.


  1. I filled out a contact about suggestions, bugs, and praises. It was almost a full report!

    Hope you get around to reading it!

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