Treasure Adventure World OST Now Available!

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Treasure Adventure World OST Now Available on BandCamp

The complete soundtrack for Treasure Adventure World is now available for streaming/download on BandCamp. Robert Ellis has created the perfect soundtrack for an epic adventure game like TAW. He has re-mixed and re-mastered all the tracks he originally composed for Treasure Adventure Game, and wrote some brand new songs.

But don’t take my word for it – go listen for yourself at BandCamp and take yourself on an auditory adventure.

You can download one track, Of Mice and Monkeys, for free! Or buy all thirty-three tracks – over an hour of music – for just $5 and support development of the game.


  1. Wyrdwad - November 23, 2014

    Interesting to hear these new arrangements, but… honestly, I don’t care much for them one bit. The change in instrumentation is for the worse IMHO, and the changes to each track’s arrangement are almost invariably also for the worse. It’s messing with a good thing — a tricky proposition, and one that’s hard to get right. And these just don’t sound as inspired or… recommendable as the originals, which I rank among the top ten best works to be featured in any indie title.

    Not knocking Robert Ellis, since I love his original tracks so much (I seriously listen to the TAG soundtrack all the time!)… but I wanted to leave a comment to suggest that Treasure Adventure World include a soundtrack toggle, so that those who prefer the original tracks can play the game with the TAG OST in place of the TAW one (wherever applicable).

    The soundtrack toggle is something that was really popular on the PSP, with virtually every Falcom port containing one, as well as the Cladun and 7th Dragon 2020 titles. I think the original 7th Dragon and the Etrian Odyssey games have this feature as well. And it’s just… one of those features that’s easy to implement, and can’t really hurt to have, you know?

    Just something to consider!

    • Stephen Orlando - November 27, 2014

      A soundtrack toggle has been in the plans since we first decided to re-mix the music. You’ll be able to switch between either soundtrack at any time.

  2. ScreamAid - November 23, 2014

    Man, I can not even roughly tell you how many times I’ve listened to the whole OST for Treasure Adventure Game. Beta Red did a phenomenal job with both of these. I can’t wait to get to my favorite tracks in the game itself! I’m already hyped! :D

  3. c0mpu73rguy - November 25, 2014

    Man, this game is gonna be great! I was kinda anxious about the music, as it could have lost its charm, but in my opinion, it’s perfect. It will fit the game perfectly. I can’t wait to play this remastered version.

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