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animatic_scenesIt’s been a long time coming, but, we’re finally ready to announce our next stretch goal for the pre-order campaign.

Upon reaching a total of $17,500, we will commission a fully animated cinematic for Treasure Adventure World. This animation will bring the characters and world of the game to life.

We have the amazingly talented (and beloved) animator, Adam Phillips, on board. In addition, our own Robert Ellis will compose an original score to accompany it.

The images you see to the right are still-shots from the storyboard/animatic we’re using to create the cinematic. These sketches are just a rough sample of what the final animation will look like.

Besides covering the cost to commission this animation, reaching this goal will help us cover our normal expenses as we continue developing the game.

We can only make this happen with your help! If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, we hope this stretch goal will entice you. If you’ve already have pre-ordered, thank you! But, you can still help by telling your friends about Treasure Adventure World and spreading the love on all the social medias.


  1. Timotheu - June 3, 2014

    Maybe animated cinematics bring characters to life (when they are very well made), but they don’t make a game feel like home. Quite the opposite, they disturb the pace of playing and remind that I’m just playing a conventional videogame and not really taking a journey.
    Whatever, but make sure any cutscene can always be skipped.

    • Stephen Orlando - June 3, 2014

      Right now we only have plans for an opening cinematic. Ideally I’d also like to have one at the end of the game as well. But, we have no plans on using fully-animated cut-scenes during the game itself. As far as quality goes, here’s a sample of Adam Phillips (the animator who we’re working with) work: http://youtu.be/6NaqBtVMW9E

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