Founded by Stephen Orlando, Robit Games’ first release was Treasure Adventure Game in 2011. Developed over 3 years in his spare time and released as free-ware, the game garnered positive press and many fans. Now, the three-person team, in-league with Chucklfish Games,  is working full-time to develop their commercial follow-up: Treasure Adventure World.


Praise for Treasure Adventure Game:

  • Nathan Grayson of – “Treasure Adventure Game… made me swoon, sigh, squeal, and emit many other sounds completely unbefitting a man of my status (namely, I have a beard).”
  • Charles Battersby of – “…a nostalgic trip for gamers who enjoyed the classics that inspired this game as well as those who are just looking for quality design and execution.”
  • Josh Mattingly of – “… this is going to go down as one of the next indie classics.”
  • Kyle Carpenter of – “TAG may very well be the quintessential indie game.”
  • awarded TAG with the Best Indie Adventure Game of 2011.






 Stephen Orlando – Lead Designer, Coder


 Christine Crossley – Art Director


Beta Red

 Robert Ellis – Composer, Sound Designer



 Craig Barnes – Additional Music and Sound Effects




 Armagon – Video Editor