Founded by Stephen Orlando, Robit Studios’ first release was Treasure Adventure Game in 2011. Developed over 3 years in his spare time and released as free-ware the game garnered positive press and many fans. Now, the three-person team, in-league with Chucklfish Games,  is working full-time to develop their commercial follow-up: Treasure Adventure World.

Praise for Treasure Adventure Game:

  • Nathan Grayson of PCGamer.com said of TAG, “Treasure Adventure Game… made me swoon, sigh, squeal, and emit many other sounds completely unbefitting a man of my status (namely, I have a beard).”
  • Charles Battersby of IndieGameMag.com called TAG “…a nostalgic trip for gamers who enjoyed the classics that inspired this game as well as those who are just looking for quality design and execution.”
  • Josh Mattingly of IndieStatik.com said, ““… this is going to go down as one of the next indie classics.”
  • Kyle Carpenter of MediumDifficulty.com believes “TAG may very well be the quintessential indie game.”
  • JayIsGames.com awarded TAG with the Best Indie Adventure Game of 2011.






Stephen Orlando: Lead Designer, Coder – Still thinks Super Mario Bros 2 is the best Mario game.


Christine Crossley: Art Director – Imaginary Jet-Fighter Pilot

Beta Red

Robert Ellis: Composer, Sound Designer – Once thought Aerosmith was a man’s name.  He likes long walks on the beach, quiet mornings with coffee, and hunting vampire lords.



Armagon – Video Editor