Stretch Goal 2: Retro Costume


Goal: $10,000

If we reach this goal will design a secondary costume (or skin) for the player character as well as for his parrot companion. We’ll create an updated version of the look from the original game. The parrot will will also get his original red color back.

The player will have the option to play the game with either costume for both the kid and parrot separately.

*BONUS* We will also make the game mod-able so users can create and share their own player skins.




  1. Christopher - September 17, 2013

    WOw guys im gonna be the game when im gonna get money  you guys doing amazing progress is so epic to see our good game getting remaked into greater one ^^ (ps:sorry for my grammar im a french person)

  2. Couldn’t have made it a female version skin?

    • Joel - April 4, 2014

      Perhaps this girl just likes her hair really, really short. The ability to mod this means a female skin is likely to be underway as soon as the game is released, by fans at the least.

  3. Derp - June 2, 2014


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