Pre-Order FAQs

If I buy the game today when will I get to play Treasure Adventure World?

Our goal is to have the game ready for release by December 2015.  However, due to the nature of coordinating a team and developing a game of this scale  it can be hard to predict an exact release date. Releasing a beta-test to the backers is also something that we are also considering.


What platforms will it be available for?

The initial release of the game will be available for Windows PC.


What are the system requirements?

They should be roughly:

Windows XP or above
Video card – pixel shader 2.0 and directX 9 compatible

Due to the game still being in development these requirements could change (but not by much).


How do I know if I will like Treasure Adventure World?

Treasure Adventure World (TAW) is a huge open-world side-scrolling platform adventure game. Some might even call it a “metroidvania“. If you like games like Cave Story, Symphony of the Night or Knytt Underground you will probably like TAW.

It’s also a remake (more of a re-imagining, really) of a freeware game called Treasure Adventure Game released in 2011 by us! If you want to see what the game-play of TAW will be like you can go download and play TAG for free, now!


Does my purchase include a Steam-Key?

Yes! Every pre-order backer will get a Steam Key upon release in addition to a DRM-free download of the game from the Humble Bundle Store.


What if you don’t get enough preorders, will the game be unfinished?

We’ve been working on the game for over a year and we have no intention on stopping if we don’t raise much money in pre-orders. It will undoubtedly slow down development as we’ll have to take other jobs to bring in some personal income, but the game will get released one way or another.

We have been smart about keeping our budget low so even a modestly successful pre-order campaign will be enough for us to continue working on TAW full-time.


How will I get access to the game, game keys and other rewards once they are ready?

When you complete your purchase, we will prompt you for an email address which we will use to notify you when your rewards are ready.


What’s the deal with the two different soundtracks?

At the US$15 tier you will get a digital copy of two soundtracks. The first one you will get immediately. It’s the soundtrack to Treasure Adventure Game, released in 2011. It includes 39 tracks (including 8 bonus tracks).

The second soundtrack is for the new game, Treasure Adventure World. It will be available for download when it’s ready (which will be before the game is released). It is a fully remixed soundtrack and also includes at least 5 brand-new tracks and more bonus tracks. We currently don’t know what the final number of tracks will be for the new soundtrack.

You will also get access to a private blog where we will post  music tracks from the game as we finish them. Because it’s early access, the tracks will be streamable only. But, once the entire soundtrack is finished and mixed you’ll get access to the full download.


I have more questions. How can I contact you?

Your best bet is to contact us on Twitter:

If you’re not into the twitters, then use our contact form.

We will get back to you promptly.