Sail to faraway islands in search of Legendary Treasures once used to fight an evil demon. Upgrade your gear to enhance your sailing, treasure-hunting and fighting potential. Find clues and solve puzzles to reclaim your forgotten past and uncover the mysterious origins of your archipelagic world. Treasure Adventure World is an epic open-world adventure – classic gameplay with a modern hand-drawn 2D style.


Meet the Cast

You are Peep. Adventure runs in your veins, but, a tragic event in your past caused you to wash ashore a small, remote island and lose all memory of your past life, your name and your family. You are also missing your right hand.

Not one to let a setback get you down, you turned this new handicap into an asset. Your hook-shaped prosthetic is now your greatest tool, allowing you to grab ledges, fight dangerous baddies, and hoist sails like a pro.





Whydah is a talking parrot with a penchant for adventuring.  He smart-talked his way into your quest and shares his unsolicited opinions and advice. Surprisingly he talks very little about his own past…but Fate seems to have brought you and him together.




The Glooskap is your trusty sea-faring vessel. Built by a brilliant engineer, it harnesses the power of the mysterious Exitium Crystals, to shrink down and fit in your pocket when not in use. You can outfit the ship with accessories and weapons, making it a formidable dinghy, indeed.





About Robit Games


Founded by Stephen Orlando, Robit Games’ first release was Treasure Adventure Game in 2011. Developed over 3 years in his spare time and released as free-ware, the game garnered positive press and many fans. Now, the three-person team, in-league with Chucklefish Games,  is working full-time to develop their commercial follow-up: Treasure Adventure World.


The Team


 Stephen Orlando – Lead Designer, Coder



 Christine Crossley – Art Director


Beta Red

 Robert Ellis – Composer, Sound Designer


 Craig Barnes – Additional Music and Sound Effects



Armagon – Video Editor