New Languages Available – Nov 8th!

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Hey TAW fans!

It’s been quite a while since the last update. And if you’ve read that one you’ll know that post-TAW’s launch I had to find a full-time job. The good news is that the job is fantastic and I actually look forward to going in each day – which is something I never experienced before (except when I was working exclusively on TAW, of course). The bad news is that I have very little free-time to dedicate to additional TAW development. That said, I AM still working on a content update which will eventually be released as a free patch. More about that will be posted soon.

BUT for now I am excited to announce that we have two localized editions of the game coming out this week for German and Russian players! On Thursday, Nov 8th the localized editions will go live on Steam.


The fine folks at Tolma4Team did a FANTASTIC job with the localization and made the process as painless for me as possible. I was constantly impressed with their professionalism, quality and speed. The complexity of localizing was always something that worried me but Tolma4Team’s crew truly put my anxieties at ease.

Additional languages will be coming eventually but there is nothing to announce yet. If you are a translator interested in helping us bring TAW to more languages feel free to contact us!

Lastly, I want to say that while sales of TAW haven’t suddenly improved hugely, they have kept coming in consistently over the months and between that and a successful Summer Sale our numbers don’t look at dire as they did a month after launch. With the Winter Sale coming up and a content update coming soon I believe there will be a lot of new players discovering TAW for the first time.  And of course I’m excited about our German and Russian speaking friends getting a chance to play it in their native language!

Until next update… Cheers!


  1. Good news! But how about some GOG language updates?

  2. SirPrimalform - January 25, 2019

    Really glad to hear sales have at least continued steadily. Hopefully this will be a sleeper hit carried by word of mouth.

  3. SirPrimalform - January 25, 2019

    p.s. It looks like you forgot to update the game on GOG. Please don’t be “one of those” devs…

  4. SirPrimalform - January 10, 2021

    Well it’s nearly two years since my last comment and as far as I can see you never added the other languages on GOG. Why not?

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