Road Map Update – Winter 2017

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It’s time for another RoadMap Update. As per usual we’re cranking away at the game, desperate to hit content complete ASAP. Based on the work we’ve done in the past few months, we’re happy to share the following details with you all.


Player Mechanics

(previously 90%)

We’re finally comfortable with calling the player mechanics finished. Taking the feedback we’ve gotten at playtest events and conventions we’ve tweaked a lot things, including running/attacking speed. When we bring TAW to these events lately we’ve been getting very positive feedback on the how the main character controls.  We also added the last few “hats” to the game (some aren’t technically hats, as seen below), each of which have a special function.



Enemy Design & Assets

(previously 90%)

As you may remember from the last update the only baddies left to do were for underwater areas. They are now finished! The final count of enemy types is 38 (which includes some variations).



Environmental Design & Assets

(previously 80%)

Our artist Christine has made a pass through the whole game and updated a bunch of environmental assets that needed tweaking. The result was well worth the effort. Some areas definitely needed a little TLC. She still wants to update some particle effects, therefore we’ll leave this at 90% for now.



Quest Progression

(previously 70%)

Finishing the quest progression will be one of the last things we do before we reach beta but since I’ve been working on the final boss I also wrapped up some big cut scenes.



Steamworks Integration

(previously 0%)

We are now integrated with Steamworks! That means we’ll have all sorts of fun achievements and stat tracking in the game. We still have to come up with most of the achievements and graphics but we have a good start.



Level Progress


As mentioned earlier, we polished a bunch of assets (mostly environmental). We also had a discussion with one of the artists at Chucklefish who gave some great suggestions to improve the look of the game. This inspired me to take a final pass over the whole game to add shadows/shading/color correction, etc and make sure there were no graphical errors.

I’ve also been testing some of the late-game areas at playtest events and making the necessary tweaks. Thanks to all of this I can now say we’ve wrapped up a majority of the levels.



(previously 80%)


(previously 90%)


(previously 90%)


(previously 90%)


(previously 90%)



(previously 50%)


That’s it for now. Make sure to check out the full RoadMap to see the big picture. We’re cruising ever forward towards beta. Once we hit beta and do a few rounds of internal testing we’ll reach out to our pre-order backers in case any of you want to be involved in testing. At that time we’ll also release a final trailer and announce a firm release date!



  1. Assaf - April 17, 2017

    Awesome, it’s nice to see the progress and it seems you are really nearing the finishing line. Good luck.

  2. Jeremy - October 22, 2017

    Oh boy I’m so hyped

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