Road Map Update – Fall 2016

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Now that we’ve set an internal date for release (still not ready to announce to the public though, sorry) we’re in super crunch mode. Therefore, I’m going to keep this post brief so I can get back to work. We’ve made so much progress in the last few months that I thought it was definitely time to refresh the RoadMap. Here we go:


Enemy Design & Assets


(previously 70%)

Knocked out the last few complex enemies. The only ones left are a few for the underwater levels.


Boss Design & Assets


(previously 50%)

Spent about a month finishing up the bosses. Except for the final encounter (and some testing for balancing) the game’s bosses are complete.  This is a huge weight lifted off of us, for sure.


NPC Design & Assets


(previously 75%)

We brought on a couple more animators to help us finish up the NPC animations and they’ve done a fantastic job. We’re officially wrapped on the game’s NPCs – a huge milestone.


Quest Progression


(previously 50%)

Getting more levels, NPCs and bosses done had a allowed us to weave the main and side quests further into the game.


Level Progress

We’ve wrapped up just about all the main levels of the game. I like to leave them at 90% for now because there will inevitably be some changes once we begin serious play-testing.



(previously 80%)




(previously 80%)



(previously 50%)



(previously 35%)




(previously 0%)


And that’s it for now. Look at all those green bars! As you can see we’re getting really close to “content complete” at which point we will begin beta-testing.  Thanks again for all your support and patience. It will all be worth the wait, I promise!



  1. Seeeeeeth - October 23, 2016

    I was eagerly awaiting another blog post, and despite no fun pictures to look at the progress, those green bars sure do look like fun! Great job getting so much done! I’m still as absolutely stoked to play the game as I was when I first preordered it! Take it easy and have a great time finishing everything up!

  2. Looking forward to it! Been checking the website a lot lately; just playing through Karma at the moment and it’s amazing to see how it evolved into TAG and then on onto TAW. Great to see an update, looking forward to seeing the full game soon!

    • OK, finished Karma and also ran through TAG again – really nice to see the little things that carried over! Super keen to see TAW release now, but take your time and perfect it first. Can’t wait…

  3. Cakarus - October 24, 2016

    Good job! This game is really coming together. I love the progress updates!

  4. Super keen lads, loved the first and already got some indie game reviewers promise to review this when completed, but no rushing so my praise seems hollow :-P

  5. Chekhonte - January 31, 2017

    I just found out about this. I loved Treasure Adventure game and can’t wait for this one. I wish you luck devs!

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