Road Map Update – Winter 2016

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A few people have reminded me that the road-map hasn’t been updated in a while so I decided to take some time to do just that. After putting this together I’m actually very impressed with how much progress we’ve made since the last update. And it’s encouraging to look at the full road-map and see just how far we’ve come. I hope you’ll agree. Here’s a quick run-down of all the updates made to the road-map today.


NPC Design & Assets

NPCs animations were one area that was really slowing us down. We still have a significant amount left to do (and a lot of them complex). Ultimately we decided to bring someone else on to the team and I’m happy to say that Allison Frank will be helping finish up the NPC animations and hopefully some other stuff too.


One of Allison Frank’s wonderful contributions to TAW.

Allison has worked at Titmouse as an assistant animator and she worked on Hiveswap. We are very happy to be working with her!


(previously 60%)


Quest Progression

Now that we have more of the game completed I’ve been able to work on weaving the main quest through it. Most of this will have to wait until we’re basically at content complete, but I’ve gotten a good head-start.


(previously 30%)



In Treasure Adventure Game (TAG) there is a unique NPC you meet at the very top of Somora Island and I always felt like it was a lackluster encounter. For TAW, I’ve added a brand new puzzle that you have to complete before the NPC will help you. With that finished I’m bringing Somora to 100% finished.


(previously 90%)


Nimue Island

Nimue Island houses a significant dungeon. It’s one you’ll need to return to over the course of the game to get new gear, clues etc. I’ve been able to flesh this dungeon out and while it still needs some polish and testing it’s basically finished.


(previously 60%)



Zwaan appears to just be a small island with a couple puzzles and a NPC, but high in the sky is one of the toughest platforming segments in the game. Based on some rage-fueled feedback I received from TAG I’ve added some safety-nets, but it’s still going to be hard. All this area has left is testing (and balancing).


(previously 70%)



Boracay is a huge island (overworld, village, dungeon, boss and more) and was quite an undertaking but it’s now finally done! It still needs to go through testing and until then it sits at 90%!


(previously 80%)



This is another small island with just a single house. The level is completely built up but it still needs a few gameplay elements to be implemented. For now I’m calling this 80% done.


(previously 40%)



This is where the bulk of our work has gone this winter. This is another huge island that contains the only city in the game. All of the city levels themselves are built and the gameplay has been implemented. The NPCs are all functioning, but they still have placeholder art. The island also contains a huge dungeon that we are currently building (though most of the assets are already done). We’re bumping this island from 20% to 60% done.


(previously 20%)



We haven’t really begun working on this island yet, but a few of the levels re-use assets so, I got a head start and built up the ones I could.


(previously 20%)



There is one underwater level for each overworld area and whenever I have nothing else to do I work on building up these levels. If you want to see more detail about that process, check out this video.


(previously 60%)



  1. SleepyFist - March 7, 2016

    Awesome its great to see this coming along,

    A question though, how much more polished is the final engine vs Demo engine? Ive tried the Demo but got huge amounts of lag that make it nigh unplayable, so I was wondering if that will be ironed out before release.

    • Stephen Orlando - March 7, 2016

      We will be doing engine optimization once we get to alpha. Based on some tests I’ve done I will be able to get better performance. It’s hard to say what the minimum system requirements will be but I’m going to do everything I can to make it as low as possible. 

  2. ScreamAid - March 9, 2016

    OHHHHHHHH BOY AM I EXCITED. The more I see of this game the more I get excited. The amount of progress made was definitely worth the wait. I love all of these levels and it’s so exciting to see the amount of time it’ll take to play them slowly dwindle down more and more. Keep up the amazing job and have as much fun making it as I will playing it! :D

    It’s already been said but optimization is the only issue I’m worried about. I got faith in you on that though. The demo wasn’t too terrible on my weird setup (with the windows partition on a Mac thing) so if there’s a Mac port I think I should be fine.

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