Progress Report – March/April 2015

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Sorry we’ve been on the quiet side lately. But, here I am to give you all an update on what we’ve been up to.

For the last month our work has been mostly focused on getting the new public demo polished and ready for release. It ended up taking us longer than expected, but we’re just about there. We expect to launch the demo to the public in the next week (the backers have already been given access).

“So, what did it take to get the demo ready?”, you ask. Good question, let me explain.

We want the new demo to be more than just a vertical slice of gameplay. It’s meant to be an extremely close approximation of how the first few hours of the final game will play. Therefore we had to upgrade many aspects of the game into a high level of polish.

Christine (our artist) needed to reassess all the sprite work, animations etc. She ended up with a substantial list of assets she wanted to tweak or re-draw before we went public.


Robert (music and sound) has been working mostly on sound effect design. Using a combination of foley recording and stock-media editing he knocked out every sound effect required for the demo. He also produced some stingers for quests and chapters (which I’ll talk more about below) and an THXesque stinger for our new company logo splash screen.

Speaking of the new company logo, something¬†that I’ve been up to (and has unfortunately taken up some development time) is boring legal/business stuff. To keep it short – we’re officially a LLC in the State of New York! I know, not very exciting, but it’s something I put off for too long and had to be done. During the process I decided to change the company name from Robit Studios (a legacy name from when we made T-shirts) to Robit Games, LLC. I think the new name will ensure that people will get right away what we do.

  1. The demo was amazing. I plan on emailing a full report of everything I liked (as well as bugs and glitches).

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