Progress Report – February 2015

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Looking back at this past month, I’m amazed at how much we got done. Development has been really smooth and rewarding lately. Many areas of the game are getting really close to being 100% done and they look and play better than ever.

Here’s a breakdown of the more significant progress we made in Feburary.


Zip Lines

Temp2 2015-03-07 09-39-50-12

Zip lines! What else do I need to say? I always wanted to have zip-lines in TAG, but for reasons I have forgotten it didn’t happen. Because we’re adding some new levels to TAW, I thought we should also introduce some new mechanics.  We think mechanics like the zip-line are great, because the don’t fundamentally change the core gameplay of TAG, but rather evolve from the mechanics already there (like grabbing onto chains, ledges etc).


3rd Boss Finished


Tenerife Boss Shot

We started and finished another boss this month. This is the 3rd major boss we’ve finished, but it’s the first one you’ll encounter in the game. I don’t want to spoil anything for those who haven’t played TAG, so the screen shot only shows the  boss arena before the battle starts. For those of your who did play TAG, you’ll probably recognize which boss this is. The boss fight will be fairly similar to how it was in TAG, but we’ve added a couple attack modes and made a significant change to the arena. Again, I don’t want to spoil anything, so I won’t give any specifics. Robert Ellis recorded some fantastic new sound effects for the boss, too. It all came together to make this boss much more dynamic and interesting than it was in TAG (at least we think so).

Boss Design & Assets 40%



Localization Example

I’ve been giving some thought to localization for Treasure Adventure World. I quickly learned after releasing TAG how much demand there was for the game to be available in other languages. So much, in fact, that people volunteered to translate 20,000 words into 7 different languages.  Ideally I would like to have TAW available in all major languages at launch. However, after getting quotes from localization companies and freelancers, I’ve come to realise it will be too expensive to do that. We will probably only be able to have 2 or 3 language options (in addition to English) at launch. Then we’ll use the game’s sales to fund additional languages moving forward. We’re not 100% sure which languages we’ll have available at launch but, based on our website and YouTube visitor demographics, it looks like Spanish, French, Russian and German are going to be priorities.

Many fans have been offering to translate the game for free. It’s amazing how generous you all have been. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to use fan translations as officially supported languages (for a number of boring, but important reasons). BUT we are including functionality into the game that will allow anyone to translate the game dialog/text or rewrite it altogether. Hopefully the fan community will help us fill in the languages gaps

We also spent some time this month preparing the engine to make it as easy as possible to localize the game. Every piece of game dialog, game text, fonts, font sizes, etc are stored in one file. Anyone with a simple text editor will be able to translate the game.

User Interface



Level Building


Tree House Interior Shot

The bulk of the work this month has actually been level building. Christine is working on assets for the interior areas of Boracay Island (which includes things like tree houses, crystal caves and ancient ruins), while I’ve been putting these new levels together

Boracay 50%

I’ve also done a final pass on Solfor Island (the volcano). I tightened up the puzzles and enemy placement and added some more visual flair as well.

Solfor 100%


IndieCade East 2015

Had another fantastic year at IndieCade East. Here’s some of my highlights:

  • Dave Gilbert’s talk on writing better dialog by writing fewer words. I plan on using some of his thoery and techniques as I refine the dialog for TAW.
  • Seeing how much EarthNight has progressed since I first saw it at least year’s IndieCade (spoiler: it still looks beautiful, and plays even better).
  • Chatting with the folks from Discord Games about metroidvania game-design. I am using some of their advice to refine the controls for TAW.
  • Playing the IndieCade showcase games with my friend John from Coda Games.
  • Getting to pitch TAW to the fine folks at IndieFund.


Look for another progress report next month!


  1. Man, that zip line looks fun! They look like they’d really mix up the pacing of the game well. I can only imagine all of the challenges in store for us all!

    Also looking forward to the new challenges that 3rd boss has in store. It was actually one of the hardest for me for some reason. GloboCorp Mainframe is still the hardest for me though…

    Also happy to hear about the progression in the localization process. The more people enjoying this game the better!

  2. Simo Vihinen - March 20, 2015

    320 noscope hype!

    Still can’t enter line breaks into this text box on my computer for some reason. And spaces are also broekn. I can only enter one at a time and the rest are “invisible”.

  3. Bboy9451 - April 13, 2015


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