A Look Back – The Evolution of the Glooskap

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One thing we decided early on was that the upgrade in fidelity of the game would mean we’d have to think about a new design for the, nameless, boat from TAG.



As a starting point for our new boat’s hull design we looked at a lot of examples of toy boats. Plastic boats like these influenced the initial design of the boat quite a bit.




The seal printed on the sail of the King of Red Lions inspired us to also imprint Wakanda’s Symbol on the sail of our boat.  4925b006499b4b70d26677e527da5ae9



This was the first sketch I received from Christine after our initial brain-storming sessions. I loved the colors and the hull shape right away, but I wanted to do something different with the sail.





Using my mad Photoshop skills I hacked this together as a rough example of how I thought the sail and player should be positioned.




Before long we had worked out the final design for our boat, and named it the Glooskap.



Keep in mind that when the game is finished you’ll be able to select from alternate skins and customize your own as well. We look forward to seeing what you’ll come up with!


  1. Love the look. Just wanted to comment because I’ve been following this game for a while, but I haven’t commented.

  2. Aaaawwww, it looks so good! It will be so great…

  3. Been following this blog for a while. Yesterday tried the demo and loved it. Bought the game. And now came to me a feeling that I don’t wanna wait, I wanna play the game… :) But I’ll be patient. Take the time you need. Keep up the good work :)

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