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Hello friends,

We brought Treasure Adventure World to IndieCade East this month. We were given a two hour slot in the Show & Tell area and, much like Minecon, the feedback was incredibly positive and helpful. I met some interesting people and made great connections. When I wasn’t showing off the game I spent the rest of the weekend attending talks and checking out the other games on display. It was actually very humbling to see some of the beautiful, original indie-games that are in development.

A few of my favourites were:
EarthNight – Unbelievably beautiful and unbelievably hard.
Chasm – Also beautiful and shaping up to be one of my all-time-favourite games.
CaveSweeper – A mobile puzzle game based on Minesweeper with RPG elements.


I find these conventions to be extremely motivating. Besides being a great way to promote they also give me a unique glimpse into how people interact with the game. They have definitely influenced some of my design decisions. Because of this, we’re going to be bringing Treasure Adventure World to at least two more conventions this year:



In April (11th-13th) we’ll be exhibiting at Pax East in Boston! This is the big one (more than 10X the attendance of Minecon).



In June (27th-29th) you can find us at Too Many Games Indie Showcase in the Philadelphia area.


So, if you’re planning on attending either of these cons I hope you’ll stop by, chat, play the latest build of TAW and grab some swag.

Next blog post will be about the progress of the game, I promise. Talk to you then.

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