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retro_costume5Did you hear? We hit $10,000 in pre-orders over the weekend!

And of course, that means we unlocked our 2nd stretch goal: A selectable player skin that looks like the characters from the original game. We also plan on making it possible to create your own costume/skins and load them into the game.

And as cool as that is, what’s really amazing is how much support we have received from all of you great people. Considering that we ran this pre-order campaign on our own website, doing all the PR work ourselves, reaching $10K is impressive. Given that and our guaranteed launch on Steam, the entire team is super motivated right now.

And that leads me to the last point I want to make on this post – Our next stretch goal! You may have noticed that we haven’t announced what the next stretch goal is yet. That’s because we only just recently came up with a very exciting idea for TAW. But, we haven’t been able to lock down the details on it yet. I can tell you that it will involve contracting someone with a particular skill set. And that means we will need to pay said person. So, once we are able to find the right person for this job, and work out the budget, we’ll announce the next stretch goal.

We’re confident that you’ll be excited about what we have in store and we can’t wait to announce it.

Talk to you soon!


  1. James Adams - February 5, 2014

    Great news! I must admit, I was watching this one carefully – score one for parrot nostalgia :) Awaiting news on the next stretch goal now – good luck with the recruitment process.

  2. Alex - March 5, 2014

    So… are you planning to announce the next stretch goal? I think ample time has passed to at least let us know what you had in mind. I check the site quite often and have been pretty disappointed to not see any new info yet.

    • Stephen Orlando - March 6, 2014

      The next blog update will address what’s going on with the new stretch goal.

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