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We survived Minecon! More accurately, we thrived at Minecon. The month leading up to the event was very stressful for me. I have never exhibited at a convention before and TAW had never been shown in public. It took a lot of work to get the game to a state that I was happy showing off. Luckily the entire team rallied – Christine pumped out last minute assets and animations and Robert recorded what can only be described as a “butt-load” of sound effects.


Our hard work paid off, though. Once we got our provided Alienware rig updated with DirectX the game ran smoothly with only one one crash all weekend. The demo played about as good as I could have hoped. Most people were able to pick up the game right away without any hand-holding. One of our favourite moments was seeing this group of kids work together to make their way through one of the tougher areas of the game. Another great moment was watching this adorable little girl find her way into one of the most hidden secrets in the demo. She was the only person to find it all weekend.



We had people at the booth, or in line literally all day, both days. I think we had about 10 minutes (cumulative) of down time each day–neither Robert nor I had a chance to get lunch either day. We were just running on adrenaline.  I don’t know that I can really express just how many compliments we had on the art and the look of the game as a whole. Jeb from Mojang came around to our booth as well (he had bodyguards and everything).  He checked out the game and I got to talk to him for a few minutes. He said really liked the art style and look of the game, too!

The most memorable experiences of the entire event was definitely meeting the other Indie Devs. Making games can sometimes feel very isolating (especially considering that both of my other team-members are on the west coast of the States). And I’ve always felt like a bit of an outsider. But the other teams made us feel very welcome. Hearing the stories of the ups and downs of development made me realise that the problems I have are not uncommon. Everyone I met was fantastic but in particular I’d like to thank the girls and guys of Castle Story, Shovel Knight, Journal and SoundSelf for all the great conversation, motivation and compliments.

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Lastly, doing this event made me realise I can’t be such a stickler about not letting people play the game, even if it’s not perfect. I’m planning on releasing the demo we showed at Minecon in the very near future (after a couple of tweaks) and I’m also going to start providing Alpha/Beta access to our backers. More info on that in the coming weeks.

  1. I really enjoyed meeting you guys and watching my son & other kids play TAW.  Can’t wait for alpha access – will it be cross-platform?

  2. Great to hear that you rolled the show! You seem really happy, almost relieved, which is a good thing. Seems like everyone wins, you got a lot of feedback, confidence and we will get early access to the game. :) Looking forward to further updates!

  3. Yup, that definitely sounds like a success! It’s also good to hear you were able to engage and be encouraged by other devs!

  4. Dewstend - November 24, 2013

    dud, your face is like the legacy of Notch

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