We’re going to Minecon!

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The Robit Studios team will be at Minecon in Orlando, FL on Nov 2-3!

We will be debuting Treasure Adventure World to the public for the first time. It’s both nerve-racking and exciting and we’ve been working our butts off for weeks, in preparation. Besides getting a portion of the game as polished as possible we’ve also been using this as an excuse to make a demo that we will release to the public. Based on the feedback we get at Minecon we’ll tweak anything we feel needs it and then release it for everyone to try.

IMG_20131029_200210 copy

So, if you happen to be going, stop by the Indie Showcase and say “Hi!”. We’ll be handing out some sweet swag too! Don’t worry, we’re also going to be giving some swag away on twitter in the coming weeks.

Also, here’s the sweet 6′ banner that Christine¬†designed:


  1. Now that’s some cool swag!

  2. Joshua Mertz - November 4, 2013

    I was at the indie games place and i am going to buy this game when it comes out! I was with the sound dev! The sounds were great by the way. Sooooo yeah

  3. I was there! I came there to watch and I got to play on the second day. I got a nice talk with you!

  4. Patiently awaiting a followup post about the events and how they unfolded!

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